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We provide targeted promotion through online & offline media outlets. Our services involve pre-event, post-event and during-the-event coverage, including editorial coverage and advertorials.


We help you reach out to the right target audience through efficient profiling, and provide advisory services on campaign strategies and event concepts to establish your brand image successfully.

Digital Story Telling

We help the target audience establish emotional connects with your brand through Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, etc., and we also curate the right content for your social media platforms.

Reputation Management

Online reputation plays a crucial role in a company’s sales. No matter if you have a multi-location firm or a small business.

Investor Relations

Investor relations is a crucial department for many businesses. However, you need to find a firm that can provide you with proper marketing and financial strategy.

Policy Research & Advocacy

Policy advocacy is one of the crucial departments for every company. No matter if you have a small business or multi-location sector, you need to hire a firm that handles government relations. This service is essential for corporate houses, policy makers, service providers, and decision makers.

Strategy Consulting

A proper strategy can give you more benefits than other things. That’s why most companies are hiring strategy consulting experts nowadays. In simple words, a strategy consulting service provides deep industry knowledge. Most companies hire a strategy consulting team for getting top-level advice.

Digital Marketing

With the increase in the usage of internet technology, the rise in leading into the digital world has increased a lot. Digital Marketing is the actual process of selling goods and services via online marketing strategies through the web.

Public Relation

Through public relations, we provide you with a wholesome approach to promoting your business. Our PR professionals do not believe in pushing your products/services mechanically for driving sales

QiMedia.in is a professional media and PR company based in Hyderabad, India. It details by providing leading businesses, startups or individuals with the best pivotal, thought-based, data-driven, and inventive strategies for the perfect brand profiling that one might need.

The services provided by Qimedia.in consist of Public relations (PR), Brand communication, Digital/ Influencer marketing, Business Communication, Advisory and Consulting Services, Investor Relations, Social Media Management, Reputation management, Print media, Digital communication, to boost brand awareness. The vision of Qimedia is to create positive impact around the world with stories.

Qimedia is founded in 2020 by Ankur Srivastava with a belief of creating a positive impact around the world with stories. They focus of serving purpose driven brands and individual.

Qimeida is a leading PR agency in India delivering formulated solutions that work best for their client’s business. Their clientele includes celebrities, influencers, politicians, business, brands, startups, NGO’s etc.

Qimedia plans out their customer’s emblem in such a clever, powerful, data-analyzed, and creative way to offer constructive services in PR management and Brand exposure, propagating the essence through more than one platform.

For a broad scope to expand an organization, business or brand’s outreach and reputation, they curate systematic content that works in favor of pre-event, post-event, or editorial coverage, maximizing the zone of visibility for their client’s customers. They build a solid story around the brand, aid clients with strategic thinking, and the ideal program execution across a multi-specialized range of services they harbor.

Being a startup firm itself, they understand the niche of a growing business. Therefore, at Qimedia, one can definitely find the best and the perfect business and PR solution that would align with their field of interests and technicality.

For enquiry you can visit www.qimedia.in or call +91-7842116080